The training and nurturing of Young Professionals (“YPs or YP”) has become one of the highest objectives in the financial services industry. Without proper mentoring, YPs will not reach their potential, in an industry that is not structurally suited for the previously disadvantaged.

ABSIP YP seeks to bridge the gap between Student Development with Seasoned professionals.

Our Aspirartions

We exist to solve the problem of:

  • Lack of substantive transformation in the Financial Services Charter (“FSC”)

Our Purpose is to:

  • Contribute towards the transformation of the FSC through fostering inclusivity, unlocking opportunities and influencing the environment.

We are:

  • A non-profit corporation that aims to drive transformation in the financial services sector.

Our primary activity is to:

  • Delivering advocacy initiatives that have an impact on the sector
  • Providing networking opportunities
  • Skills development, work opportunities and career development

Our leadership portfolios include:

  • Activities & Events
  • Learning & Development
  • Public Relations
  • Think Tank
  • Secretary




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Upcoming Events

ASISA – Equity Analyst Course

Masterclass – Personal Finance Sessions, Personal Branding Session, Mental Health

Mentorship Programme

Networking event

Meet the managers event

Institute of Directors Programme (IODSA)

Calculator drive

Think Tank and white paper thought leadership initiatives

Social Media Platforms

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