ABSIP Women in Focus (AWIF) ABSIP has made the empowerment of black women one of its key strategic objectives since 2006 and beyond. Through specific and targeted activities, ABSIP believes that we can make a meaningful contribution towards the progression of women leaders within the financial sector. Women entering financial services, an industry that is dominated by men, require support, mentorship and nurturing.

Without a well-considered intervention, we are unlikely to reach the milestones set in the Financial Sector Charter and the Department of Trade and Industry’s ‘codes of good practice’ with respect to the adequate representation of women at top levels of influence in decision-making and growth in our economy. AWIF seeks to make this intervention, thereby ensuring that women draw on what is unique to their socialization as women and can create a different path to the top.

Our Aspirations


To be game the changer in the nurturing and development of women.



  • To identify pipeline of aspiring young women to effectively lead the Financial Services Industry
  • To provide a support structure and peer networks for black women in the sector through mentorship and learning opportunities;
  • To ensure effective skills transfer and the building of strong, globally competitive women leaders;
  • To be a repository of data on the progression of black women in the sector;
  • To facilitate the pipeline of women to corporate members to ensure they achieve gender diversity; and
  • To serve as a think tank and to contribute towards the broader principles and issues of national interest.