ABSIP Newsletter January 2022

As ABSIP, we are thrilled to kick off the new year by announcing exciting technological developments, strategic partnerships, and the organisation’s plans and objectives for 2022 – all to your benefit as a valued member.

Digital Innovation

The ABSIP NEC has been working on improving the current website after realising that it is lacking in many respects. The outcomes of this hard work and efforts have resulted in a new platform in the form of a progressive Web-Based Application that is accessible on mobile and desktop devices.

We are delighted to introduce the ABSIP Connect App as we launch it today, 24 January 2022. This modern and interactive portal is a crucial organisational tool as it addresses several key aspects, namely:

  • Provides seamless member registration and database management.
  • Offers efficiency and effectiveness to member corporate representatives.
  • Addresses operational weaknesses flagged under audit findings.
  • Real-time access to industry-related news, events, and career or business opportunities.
  • Fundraising and revenue generation functionality for ABSIP’s self-sustainability.

Therefore, we would like to implore all our members – whether existing or new, individual or corporate level – to sign up on the portal to explore the ABSIP membership benefits. Click here to access the new portal and register.

Strategic Partnerships

We are still beaming with joy and pride following the successful 2021 ABSIP Awards ceremony and extend our utmost gratitude to all sponsors and partners.

Morningstar Data was one of the partners that came on board to cement the credibility of the adjudication process for the 2021 ABSIP Awards. We are proud to announce that the partnership with Morningstar will be extended into the new year and will go beyond data verification for the ABSIP Awards. Through this strategic partnership, we will offer ABSIP corporate members, in good standing, access to professional and business development opportunities, particularly to new and small entities that are entering the market.

In the same vein, we are delighted to announce a new partnership between ABSIP and Asset TV, which aims to benefit all our members across the different membership levels, i.e., Students, Young Professionals, and Corporates. ABSIP members in good standing will have access to the following benefits through the Asset TV platform:

  • Marketing and brand exposure for boutique firms.
  • Access to accredited CPD training courses.
  • Access to ABSIP’s on-demand content on ABSIP’s channel.

ABSIP members are welcome to contact the national office for further details.

Plans & Objectives for 2022

The ABSIP NEC endeavours to continue building on the achievements and milestones reached during this tenure in office. Whilst the NEC is pleased with the significant progress made thus far in reference to the plan outlined when we took office, we are set on reaching greater heights towards addressing the broader transformation agenda in the financial services sector. To this effect, below is a list of key objectives for the 2022 financial year:

  1. Increase ABSIP Student Chapters to achieve representation across all the universities.
  2. Grow the ABSIP Bursary Fund and disburse funds accordingly.
  3. Facilitate various CSI Initiatives.
  4. Offer meaningful engagement platforms to our corporate partners through the CEO Roundtable and Transformation Series opportunities in an effort to deliver on our advocacy mandate.
  5. Successfully host the following annual ABSIP flagship events:

We are cognisant of the fact that we can only achieve the above objectives on the back of your support as members and partners. We, therefore, wish to extend an invitation to all interested parties to contact the national office for details or to explore sponsorship/partnership opportunities on the above-listed items and events. Contact details: Melusi Sigasa; General Manager; email: manager@absip.co.za

ABSIP Membership Value Proposition and Benefits

As the ABSIP NEC, we endeavour to offer value and tangible benefits to our members in accordance with the membership level and fees. The below table provides a summary of membership benefits attached to the various membership levels:

Current and prospective individual and corporate members are invited to sign up on the ABSIP Connect App; click here, to access the new portal to activate your membership and enjoy these membership benefits. For any enquiries regarding your membership fees and or benefits, please contact: ABSIP Office Administrator; Tapiwa Elias via email: tapiwa@absip.co.za

Membership Fee Billing Cycle

One of the significant milestones achieved by the ABSIP NEC is turning the organisation’s financial position around and instituting appropriate governance controls and processes to achieve and maintain clean audit status. The current membership fee billing cycle is not aligned to the ABSIP’s financial year, which runs from January to December. This misalignment poses a threat to the organisation’s financial sustainability and clean governance goals.

Therefore, the NEC has resolved to change the annual billing cycle to run from January until December with effect from January 2022. We would like to request all current and prospective individual and corporate members to sign-up on the new portal; click here, to process the membership registration and fee payment. Alternatively, contact the national office should you have any queries or concerns. ABSIP Office Administrator; Tapiwa Elias via email: tapiwa@absip.co.za