About Us

The Association of Black Securities and Investment Professionals (ABSIP), was established in 1995 to address the apparent lack of representation of black professionals in the financial services sector.

It was also conceived as a platform to address the aspirations of those in the industry and to create a forum for black professionals to exchange Information and Ideas. The mandate of ABSIP has evolved to encompass the empowerment of black professionals and black businesses across the financial services sector. Its membership has grown to include sub-sectors such as Asset Management, Corporate Banking, Corporate Finance, Corporate Managerial, and Financial Consulting, Employee Benefits, Insurance, Investment Banking, Retail Banking, Private Banking, Private Equity, Stockbroking, Treasury and Development Finance Institutions (DFIs).

ABSIP has become widely recognised as an influential force in the transformation of the Financial Sector as evidenced by its participation in drafting the landmark Financial Sector Charter (“FSC Charter”). ABSIP is an affiliate member of the BBC (Black Business Council).


Our Leadership


A transformed, fully inclusive, ethically run financial sector that equitably represents black professionals and black business to enable sustainable growth for the sector and South Africa at large.


ABSIP will orchestrate positive change and growth in financial services to drive the development of opportunities for our members.

We will achieve this by:

  • Leveraging key stakeholder relationships and partnerships.
  • Advocating for policies and practices that create equitable representation and inclusion.
  • Developing leaders and organizations that shape the future of the industry.
  • Recognizing individuals and organizations that contribute to ABSIP’s Vision.
  • Building a reputation for relevant and insightful thought leadership.
  • Providing a platform for connecting our members.

Guiding Principles:

While ABSIP is a member volunteer organization, we will always

  • Act with independence ensuring no individual interests supersede the mission and vision of the organization.
  • Act with the highest degrees of professionalism; ethics and integrity in all we do.
  • Be accountable for all funds we raise and ensure they are used for the purpose intended.
  • Seek to avoid all areas of conflict of interest or potential conflict of interest.
  • Listen to the views of members and request input on all critical areas over which we pronounce or have influence.
  • Fight vehemently against all forms of discrimination based on race, ethnicity or gender.

Use our influence responsibly and for the greater good in line with our overall vision.


ABSIP undertakes to offer all its members the following value proposition. ABSIP will:

  • Work with Stakeholders to formulate Policy, Regulatory and specific strategies for FS sector solutions to address Growth and Inclusivity challenges in the economy
  • Facilitate Corporate access to emerging talent, advise on trends, challenges, aspirations
  • Create a network for (professional) members to connect with a view to doing business and self-development opportunities
  • Provide thought leadership through events, training session, coaching and mentoring, informal networking
  • Provide access to Education and Professional development through bursaries and Exchange programs.
  • Facilitate transformative change in access to State and Private sector business opportunities for our Black sectoral groups
  • Explore representation options and solutions with Corporate members in their recruitment, development, procurement solutions
  • Connect ABSIP eco-system businesses to each other to encourage intra-ABSIP business activity
  • Provide a platform to hear individual and group challenges and aspirations that require a group response/solution.
  • Establish a public and Outreach Platform that drive and recognise individual and corporate sector Transformation and achievement, via Events, Seminars, Conferences, Publications, Social Media
  • Provide commentary (on emerging events) that promotes Growth, Stability, Sustainability and Inclusivity in the sector and economy.

Past PresidentsOur History: Beyond 20 Years of Change and Transformation.

  • 1995

    1995-1997 Mutle Mogase ABSIP Founding President

    Vantage Capital Executive Chairman

    1. Recognising the need to work with government and the various powers in South Africa, ABSIP was formed to engage in a structured way that would provide us with the credibility and clout we would need to make an impact on the economy. It built the networks into senior people in Government and business.
    2. Our first contribution was on the financial market advice report where ABSIP had a seat on the board.
    3. ABSIP was Invited to participate in the restructuring of the JSE and financial markets post-1994.

  • 1997

    1997 - 2001 Mxolisi Mbetse ABSIP Past President

    IDG Chief Executive

    1. This Exco was focused on entrenching the organisation and focusing it on efforts to financially sustain ABSIP. The ABSIP investment vehicle, Giri Investments, was created during this Exco’s tenure, as well as the ABSIP Scholarship Trust.
    2. Exco enhanced ABSIP’s interaction with Government, industry stakeholders and other black business organisations.
    3. The ABSIP and ABSIP Scholarship trusts were set up.

  • 2001

    2001 - 2003 Modise Motloba ABSIP Past President

    Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Quartile Capital

    1. The negotiation, launch and signing off of the Financial Sector Charter
    2. ABSIP Awards.
    3. ABSIP Powerspeak and Black Business Council.

  • 2003

    2003 - 2005 Kennedy Bungane ABSIP Past President

    Pembani Group Chief Executive Officer

    1. Celebrate success launched

  • 2005

    2005 - 2007 Sello Moloko ABSIP Past President

    Thesele Group Director (Launched ABSIP Western Cape and in 2003-2005 was President in
    Western Cape)

    1. Launch of Student Chapter.
    2. The first ABSIP Conference was held.
    3. ABSIP Women In Focus (AWIF) conceived and launched.

  • 2008

    2008 - 2009 Nomkhita Nqweni ABSIP Past President

    Nomkhita is currently the Chief Executive: and Investment Management at Barclays Africa Group Limited.

    1. ABSIP Inaugural Conference was held. Focused on education and broadening
    skills of membership.
    2. ABSIP members sent to the USA sponsored by CitiBank for skills development, exposure and opportunities.
    3. Contributed towards finalising the Financial Sector Charter work initiated by predecessors.

  • 2009

    2009 - 2011 Baba Mashologu ABSIP Past President

    Deutsche Bank Director, Public Sector Finance

    1. Launched Roundtable discussions.

  • 2011

    2011 - 2015 Tryphosa Ramano ABSIP Past President

    1. Adoption of Vision 2020.
    2. Launch of Women Leadership Programme with more than 40 women beneficiaries.
    3. Launch of Fordham International Programme in USA with more than 10 beneficiaries.
    4. Launch of Pinnacle Magazine.
    5. Launch of Gamechanger book.
    6. Launch of and coffee table book.
    7. Launch of Conversation with Leaders programme.
    8. Launch of bursary programme with more than 50 beneficiaries.
    9. Growing the student chapter to more than 10 universities.
    10. Launched Investment Management Summit 2013.
    11. Launched ANNUSL Youth Summit in 2014.
    12. Launched AWIF Summit in 2014.
    13. Launched Annual Stockbroking Summit 2015.
    14. Incorporated Western Cape ABSIP into National organisations.

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