ABSIP, has realised that in today’s world young people are becoming more and more prominent, e.g. President of France, Canadian Prime Minister etc. Therefore, the training and nurturing of Young Professionals has becoming one of the highest objectives.

Without proper mentoring the YP will not reach their potential, in an industry that is not structurally suited for the previously disadvantaged.

ABSIP YP seeks to bridge the gap between Student Development with Seasoned professionals.

The objectives are:

• Provide professional and technical development.
• Enhance mentor and coaching opportunities.
• Serve a feeder to the seasoned professionals.
• Give back to the communities we live in in the form of time.


To be the number one in development of the young professionals in the Financial Services sector.


Provide Young professionals the platform to learn both technical and non-technical skills that will assist them to succeed in their professional career.

  • Benchmark skills with globally recognised Institutions.
  • Provide networking and learning opportunities for Young Professionals

Vision 2025 Objectives

  • Develop mentorship and coaching program
  • Develop and launch the Leadership Development Program with Professional and academic Institutions