Pumla Molope moves to Discovery Health as an Executive Associate

I’ve recently moved from ABSA Asset Management after three incredibly
positive years as an Investment Analyst with a sector specialisation in
retail, to Discovery Health where I am the Executive Associate to the CFO of
Discovery Health, Brett Tromp.

Being in charge of the financial strategic direction and management of new
strategic companies or projects is incredibly empowering. In my new role, I
look at whether there is a business case for the specific project or
business idea and I apply my mind to what other financial support that
business idea may or may not require; I’m essentially a “mini CFO”.

The learning curve is steep and I am also fortunate enough to have a very
supportive CFO in Brett Tromp. As a professional, it is also appreciated
that there is an interest in not only my accounting skills but my investment
knowledge. The other factor that excites me about working for Discovery
Health, is that we are truly about making a difference in our members lives
and enhancing their health as well as greater society. This really aligns
with my value system.

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