Nicolette Jacobs appointed President of SAICA, Southern Region

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Nicolette Jacobs, ABSIP Western Cape, executive member responsible for Student Chapters in the Region and a Partner at PwC has been appointed President of South Africa Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA), Southern Region. We congratulate her on this achievement.

Nicolette will be the third female President of the Southern Region. She was a former beneficiary of the Eden Trust (the predecessor to Thuthuka) and it is extremely pleasing to see that, as a beneficiary of SAICA’s transformation and growth programmes, she takes the position of President. Nicolette has been part of the Southern Region Council originally representing ABASA during 2007/8 and then had a brief absence in order to start her family, she was again appointed onto SAICA Southern Region Council during 2010 and been involved since then and has chaired the SAICA Southern RegionTransformation Committee.

Nicolette is the SAICA Southern Region representative on SAICA’s National Board and has also been appointed to the CA Charter Council.

We wish her every success for her term.

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