Become a member & gain access to the largest network of black professionals & black business in financial services.

Members range from individuals who have recently joined the Financial Services Sector to professionals with years of experience. As an ABSIP Member, black professionals at all stages of their careers are offered the opportunity to:

  • Further their own professional development through the various platforms and training and development programmes initiated by ABSIP;
  • Participate in forums and seminars on key industry issues shaping the financial industry;
  • Participate in forums, seminars and presentations from influential private and public sector personalities on topical issues of national and international interest;
  • Network with fellow black professionals from various areas within the sector;
  • Lobby relevant stakeholders for the benefit of black individuals and organizations;
  • Engage with industry leaders and policy makers;
  • ABSIP also offers a platform of support via the opportunities to network and engage with like-minded professionals at all levels thus fostering a climate where individuals are inspired, motivated and encouraged to reach their full potential.

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Student MembershipUniversity Students


Comprising  of  student    members   that  are  currently  at  University.

Young ProfessionalsProfessionals younger than 36yrs

R900.00/ Year

Comprising of members younger than 36 years old that are currently working in the industry.

Professionals membershipProfessionals in the industry

R1,600.00/ Year

Comprising of seasoned professionals that are currently working in the industry.

Corporate membershipSmall and Medium Firms


Comprising of organizations or companies with a maximum turnover less than R85 million.

Corporate membershipLarge Firms


Comprising of organizations or companies with a turnover of more than R85 million.

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Benefits of being an Professional member

  • Opportunities to improve your own and other members’ personal development through participating in the substructures of the Association (organizing and facilitating, planning and leading as well as interacting with other likeminded professionals);
  • Opportunities for professional development through programmes for further education, training and development;
  • Obtain the benefit of networking with other professionals and experience the power of professional referrals throughout your career;
  • From the information and knowledge that you obtain through ABSIP activities, become an influential contributor to activities in your work place; and
  • Assume a role in the transformation of the financial sector and contribute towards the realization of the vision of the Association.

Benefits of being a SME or Corporate member

  • Offer crucial financial support to ABSIP and its programmes;
  • Complement your corporate transformation strategy by participating in the substructures of the Association through access to relevant leadership programmes, involvement in specific strategic objectives e.g. Student leadership into the financial services sector, ABSIP Women in Focus;
  • Valuable online and print advertising opportunities to highlight your commitment to transformation and empowerment of the financial services sector;
  • Support professional education and leadership development focused on effective transformation of the financial services sector;
  • First access to highly qualified and driven professionals looking for professional opportunities in the financial services sector;
  • Raise your corporate profile as an organization that actively contributes to the transformation of the financial services sector by participating in relevant ABSIP programmes and collaborating with us to lobby government and key bodies;
  • Valued networking opportunities with organisations and key professionals in the financial services sector; and
  • Become an influential contributor to the national conversation on transformation in the larger economy.